UR full form : UR Category, General, EWS Category and their impacts on student life

UR Category full form stands for Unreserved Category in which the candidates don’t get any type of reservation in government exams, institutions, colleges. UR category is a part of General Category in which candidates face high cut off and merit marks as compared to other categories candidates.

In India any category who is not coming under SC, ST, OBC, and EWS are consider as the Unreserved Category(UR Category).

There is a Question in every student’s mind that is UR category, what UR category means and is UR category is different from General Category? So in this Article we discuss all about UR Category, General Category and EWS Category.

What is General Category?

General Category is the first category in Indian Category System. This is top most or superior category according to Indian category system, But in modern time we can’t say that General Category is Superior, Now according to Indian Constitution every caste is equal. UR category (Unreserved) and EWS(Economically weaker section) are both part of General Category.

What is UR Category? (Unreserved)

Many Students have doubt about UR category Means, or what is UR category? According to law UR category and General Category are same but have a major difference that in General Category there are some candidates which have reservation or some don’t have reservation, whereas in Unreserved or UR category all candidates are Unreserved means they don’t have any type of reservation like they don’t have any reservation in any Government, Institutions, Exams or Jobs.

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Any Candidate which are not under Government Reservation Scheme are part of Unreserved Category or UR Category. The main disadvantage for the candidates or students who are in Unreserved category is that the cut off for any type of exams the cut off is higher than other categories candidates.

What is EWS Category (Economically Weaker Section) 

EWS Category or Economically Weaker Section is the category which is part of General Category, But EWS category have a Reservation from Government, so EWS category is a Reserved category. The Candidates which belongs to EWS category have a Reservation of 10% in Government or different type of Exams, Institutions and in jobs.

The only requirement to avail 10% Reservation is you should have a EWS Certificate. To make EWS Certificate you should fulfill following requirements:

  • Family’s Annual Income is not more than Rs.8 lac.
  • His family not own more than 5 acres agriculture land.
  • The House area or land of Candidate not more than 1000sq ft.

Pro Tip: In EWS Certificate there are two certificate one is Central EWS Certificate and other is State EWS Certificate, We suggest you to make Central EWS Certificate as it help you in central level exams, jobs or admission in Institutions.

Positive and Negative aspects of General Category:

Positive Aspects:

  • Peoples belong to General Category gain a higher Status in Society.
  • General Category dominant Indian Society
  • People from this category are more Educated.

Negative Aspects:

  • No Reservation for all the candidates of General Category except the Candidates which belongs to EWS Category.
  • Candidates which have no reservation have to secure more marks in Government exams or for admission in government institutions then the candidates of reserved category.
  • At this level there is discrimination or unfair things for the Unreserved candidates as if they secure equal marks to reserved candidate they are unable to get admission or pass in the exams.
  • Candidates from General category don’t get equal benefits from Government schemes.

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Problems faced by UR Category (Unreserved):

  • Candidates have to secure more marks than other category students.
  • For Example: In a Government exam the cut off for a Reserved candidate is 65% whereas for unreserved or UR category the cut off is 75%.
  • Don’t get benefits of Governments schemes.

Steps to be taken to give Equal Status for UR Category:

There are following steps that Government should take to give equal opportunities for the candidates of every category:

  • Government should remove reservation for every category.
  • Government can fix equal cut off for every category in exams.

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In our Opinion, In a Country like India there will be no reservation system should be adopt. As because of this the students or candidate who is eligible or perfect for an institution or exam don’t get the admission or job whereas the other students or candidates who is reserved get the admission or job by securing less marks them the students from Unreserved Category.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is UR Category means?

Ans: UR category mean Unreserved category, this category is part of General category and don’t have any type of reservation.

2. Is General and UR Category same?

Ans: There is one major difference between General category and UR Category, in general category there are some candidates which have reservation whereas in UR category no candidate have any type of reservation.

3. What is EWS category?

Ans: EWS or Economically weaker section is a category which is part of General category in this category the candidates who belongs to economically weaker section gets a reservation of 10% in Government exams and jobs.

4. Which is better EWS or UR Category?

Ans: Both are different but EWS category is better as the candidates who belong to EWS Category get reservation but in UR Category no one have reservation.

5. What is full form of UR Category?

Ans: The full form of UR Category is Unreserved Category.

6. What is full form of EWS Category?

Ans: The full form of EWS is Economically Weaker Section Category.

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