OBC Category, List, Advantage, Disadvantages, State caste list Under OBC

OBC Category means Other Backward Classes Category. It is one of the category of Indian Caste-Category system in which Government allows reservation to the candidates of OBC Category in Government exams, Institutions, Colleges and more. OBC Category is not a part of UR Category(Unreserved) as it is a reserved category. In this Blog we discuss about what is OBC Category,  advantage, Disadvantage, and the list of castes come under OBC Category.

What is OBC Category?

OBC Category means Other Backward Classes, As per Government this category is educationally & socially backward class. so that Government provide a reservation of 27% in Educational Institutions  & Exams. This is the biggest advantage for the candidates of OBC Category as they get reservation in Government exams, and institutions.

Also OBC Category consist 41% of population in India, so we can say that OBC Category is the majority category in India.  That’s one of the reason why there are more candidates of OBC Category  we found in Government exams, Institutions and Colleges. Here are the table which shows the Population percentage for OBC all the categories.

Distribution of Population of each religion by caste categories
Religion/Caste SCs STs OBCs General / EWS
Hinduism 22.2% 5% 40.8% 28%
Islam 0.0% 0.5% 39.2% 59.5%
Christianity 0.0% 23.8% 41.3% 39.7%
Sikhism 33.0% 0.9% 2.4% 63.5%
Jainism 0.0% 2.6% 3.0% 94.3%
Buddhism 89.5% 7.4% 0.4% 2.7%
Zoroastrianism 0.0% 15.9% 13.7% 70.4%
Others 2.6% 82.5% 6.25 8.7%
Total 19.7% 8.5% 40.1% 31.8%

Advantages of OBC Category

Here are the main advantages for OBC Category Candidates:

Majority Populations

OBC Category consist of 41% of the total population in India, so this is the biggest category in India in terms of population. Which means there are many Candidates we can see in every exams, colleges and other work places.


One of the Biggest Advantage for OBC Category is that they secure 27% reservation in Government exams, Institutions, Colleges and in jobs. So as compare to other categories like General Category OBC Category can get admissions and jobs in less cut off marks. Also the population is high in OBC Category so there will be a little competitions among there own category.

Great Politics Power

OBC category have a high population so in case of politicians there are majority of politicians belongs to OBC Category, so the people of these categories get benefits of politics power as well.

Disadvantages of OBC Category

Here are some major disadvantages for OBC Category:

Educationally and Socially Backward

As per Government the OBC Category is educationally and socially backward class that’s why government provide reservation for the people of OBC Category.  Educationally and socially backward means the category which don’t have a good status in Society as well as less number of educated people in field of education.

List of Castes in OBC Category

Here is the list of castes come under OBC Category. In some cases it will be differ if Government passes a bill or amendments, otherwise here is the state wise list of castes under OBC Category as per Government reports:

Central List of OBC

Difference between General and OBC Category

As compare to general category OBC Category is much ahead in terms of benefits, so here is a comparison:

BasisGeneral CategoryOBC Category
Class CategoryGeneral Category to be recognized as a well educated and rich category.OBC Category recognized as a backward class category.
ReservationNo Reservation for General CategoryHave 27% Reservation in Government exams, institutions, Colleges, jobs etc.
PopulationConsist of 31% of total populationConsist of 41% of Total population
EducationGeneral category is more educated and well settledIn OBC Category there are still some persons who are not educated.


OBC Category have majority population as well as reservation from the Government, so As compare to other categories, OBC Categories getting many benefits in every institutions, jobs, exams etc. And Nowadays OBC Category is a not a backward class as like before it is very stable and good class like general category also the numbers of educated person also increasing in OBC Category consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is OBC Category?

Ans: OBC Category means Other Backward Classes category which  have a majority part of population of 41% in India but considered as Backward class by Government.

2. Which is better General Category and OBC?

Ans: As such there is no one better but if we see according to equality then OBC get more benefits from Government as compare to General Category.

3. Who comes under OBC Category?

Ans: The state wise list of caste under OBC Category is above which you can see.

4. What are the benefits of OBC Category?

Ans: OBC Category candidates secure 27% reservation in public/government exams, institutions, exams, jobs etc. Also there are many schemes offer by Government for OBC Category.

5. What is OBC Category full form?

Ans: The full form of OBC Category is Other backward classes.

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