NAS(National Achievement Study) : NAS Exam, What is NAS, NAS Result 2022

What is NAS Exam?

The National Achievement Study (NAS) is a large-scale, nationally representative survey of students’ learning conducted by the Government of India’s Ministry of Education. The NAS provides a system-wide assessment of the effectiveness of school education. The findings assist in comparing performance throughout the spectrum and among populations in order to determine the most beneficial direction for improvement.

NAS full form is National Achievement Survey

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) is a data collection procedure that aims to gain a thorough picture of what students know, understand, and are capable of doing with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences.

This strategy will ultimately result in improved learning and development for subsequent children through systemic interventions.” The National Achievement Survey was administered in a variety of instructional modalities, depending on their availability in the studied schools.

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What to expect from NAS?

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has been using the National Achievement Survey (NAS) to keep an eye on how well the country is doing in school. Every district has participated in NAS on a small scale.

It checks the learning abilities of students in grades III, V, VIII, and X in order to give them feedback and help them improve their learning. There are a lot of factors that can affect how well a student learns, like how they live their lives and how their teachers are. This tool helps you connect these factors to how well a student learns. There are 37 States / UTs that the survey is meant to cover. The tools include graded tests for each subject, and questionnaires about your background.

Why NAS?

  • It would help to figure out where the learning was lacking and the identify the gaps
  • It would help to improve teachers’ professional development and build the capacity of teachers and other people who work with the delivery of services.
  • Assist in classroom interventions
  • Provide good interventions
  • Attainment of learning goals
  • It would help figure out what changes need to be made in educational policies, teaching methods, and techniques.
  • It helps to build a lot of different kinds of research and development.

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Who conducts NAS?

The Department of School Education and Literacy have formed a committee called the National Steering Committee (NSC) to make sure that the National Achievement Survey is conducted. 

It wants to come up with a way to look at how well education is going and give collected information to the states and UTs. They want every child to be able to read and do basic maths at a high level by the time they are adults.

The Union Minister for Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, will be the head of the NSC, and the Minister of State for Education, Smt. Annpurna Devi, will be the vice-chairperson.

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National Steering Committee(NSC)

  1. Chairperson, CBSE / Jt. Secretary, DoSEL, MHRD – Chairperson 
  2. Director, NCERT – Co-Chairperson
  3. DDG (Statistics), DoSEL, MHRD – Member 
  4. Director, DoSEL, MHRD – Member 
  5. Director (Prof. Exam.) CBSE – Member 
  6. Head & Professor, ESD, NCERT – Member 
  7. Director (Education), NITI Ayog – Member 
  8. Representative of UNICEF – Member 
  9. Technical Director, NIC – Member

Key organisations involved and their role

  1. Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India – Coordination, Funding and Guidance
  2. NCERT – Assessment Developer
  3. CBSE – Assessment Administrator
  4. NIC – ICT Intervention Automation
  5. NITI AAYOG – Advisory Support
  6. UNICEF – Technical Support

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What does NAS aim at?

The National Achievement Survey is not a school test. NCERT and MHRD are funding a research project to find out how well the school system in the country works based on how well students learn. As a result, ministers and other people who work with the school system will be able to support it to be more effective and help students learn more.

Only a small number of students across India take this test in this survey. The test is done in a small number of schools in each state. Randomly chosen students will be asked to take the test in the schools where the test is held. If a student gets bad on the test, it won’t affect their academic records.

Individual students, teachers, or schools don’t receive the results of these tests. Surveys collect the test data and look at the scores by subject to make a report on the whole. The report will indicate how well students in the state and the country as a whole did. It will also show how well they perform and learn as a whole.

How is the sample size for NAS determined?

The main objectives considered for determination of sample size include:

Measure student achievement at national level

  1. Overall national
  2. By gender
  3. By rural/ urban
  4. By social group
  5. By school management

Measure student achievement at each state level

  1. Overall state
  2. By gender within state
  3. By rural/ urban within state
  4. By social group within state
  5. By school management within state

Measure student achievement at each district level

  1. Overall district
  2. By gender within district
  3. By rural/ urban within district
  4. By social group within district
  5. By school management within district

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Sample Frames


Frame 1 State Government schools
Frame 2 Government aided schools
Frame 3 Private Unaided recognized schools
Frame 4 Central government schools


Survey Details

There will be a total 733 districts covered under the NAS.

NAS will be conducted in Grades 3, 5, 8 and 10

No. of Schools to be surveyed


Grade Number of Schools
Grade 3 29,603
Grade 5 28,656
Grade 8 46,062
Grade 10 48,564

No. of Students to be surveyed


Target grade Number of students targeted
Grade 3 6,55,128
Grade 5 6,46,975
Grade 8 12,04,777
Grade 10 13,80,879
Total 38,87,759

Key focus areas to be assessed

The survey focused on students in early grades who were having problems with reading and maths, which will allow for corrective actions to be taken in time. It also looks at other skills that children may have learned while they were at home during the pandemic, like painting, cooking, photography, reading, gardening, and so on. This isn’t just about how they learned about the world. Children who are excited about taking the survey will help set the stage for the schools to work normally again.


Grade Key Curricular Areas
Grade 3 Language, Mathematics and Environmental Studies
Grade 5 Language, Mathematics and Environmental Studies
Grade 8 Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science
Grade 10 Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English

NAS Results

The result of NAS will be released in the form of District Report Cards, State/UT reports, and National reports, which will be done in this way: States and the Union Territories will be able to figure out where students aren’t learning and take steps to fix it. It will also help teachers and other people who work with education in the country improve their skills. The results of the assessment would also be a rich source of evidence and data points that would widen the scope of research and development.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. What’s the point of holding a NAS?

Ans. For States and Union Territories, NAS will help them detect and remediate gaps in student learning outcomes. It will also aid in the development of the country’s educational system’s instructors and authorities.

2. Who is in charge of NAS at the block level?

Ans. NCERT is the National Coordinator at the federal level. 

3. What is the NAS observer’s role in the NAS?

Ans. The custodian of the Resource Centre must be contacted to get survey materials. The survey will be conducted at the sampled school that has been assigned to you.

4. Is NAS mandatory for all?

Ans. Participation in this survey is mandatory for all States and UTs, and it is based on a sample of the Districts.

5. What is NAS Full form?

Ans: NAS full form is National Achievement Survey

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